Happy Tales from Forever Homes

Seemore’s Tale

Stacie & SeemoreSeemore was found as a tiny kitten living near a dumpster outside a Chinese restaurant. He was brought to A Cat’s Tale cold, hungry and full of fleas. We took him in, fed him and made sure he was warm, but we noticed that something wasn’t right with his eyes. Our vet diagnosed him with eyelid agenesis, a painful, congenital condition in which cats are born without eyelids, making them unable to blink and causing their eyes to dry out and become prone to infection.

A Cat’s Tale kept Seemore until he was old enough to have corrective surgery. With his new eyelids, he was ready for adoption. We thought it would be hard to find a home for Seemore, since he looked a little different from other cats. But then his forever mom walked into Petco and saw Seemore — and it was love at first sight. When we opened his cage so Stacie could get to know him better, he climbed right into her arms and he has barely left them since. Seemore is now living happily ever after with Stacie, her husband Chad, and his feline brother, Oliver.


Rebel’s Tale

Rebel & DougRebel was a feral street cat who would show up from time to time at one of our foster homes to be fed. Each time we saw him, we tried to trap him so he could be neutered, but he continually escaped our efforts. Then one day Rebel showed up in horrible condition — his face was torn open and he was limping. Darla and Elizabeth were able to capture him and rush him to our amazing veterinarian, Dr. Son of Galloway Cat Clinic. Dr. Son worked all night to save Rebel, who she suspected had been in a fight and hit by a car.  As Rebel recovered and healed up in one of our foster homes we learned from his blood test that he was FIV positive, all his days as a street cat had caught up with him.  Knowing that cats with FIV can live a long normal life we tried our best to find him a home, but in a world where most people want kittens and hardly anyone is looking for a special needs cat Rebel was a tough sell. Then something magical happened, A Story on Rebel was featured in the Huffington Post.  The story reached thousands of people and one of those people reached out to us. Douglas had just lost his beloved kitty and was missing having a feline companion. He came out to meet Rebel ended up with a new best friend!