We are a small rescue and all of our cats live in foster homes. Our foster homes are generally full beyond capacity. Most of our cats come directly from animal control, are found on the street as strays or come from shelters. We try to save cats and kittens that would otherwise be euthanized. We would like to gently remind people who are trying to rehome their cat that when you adopted your feline friend you adopted a family member and committed to caring for him or her for life. If you are moving your cat can and should move with you, and we can provide resources on how to best move with a cat. If a new roommate has allergies we can give you tips on how to alleviate allergies. If there are behavioral issues we can help you fix whatever behaviors aren’t working for you but in general we cannot rehome your cat. In some cases we can allow you to show your cat at our adoption events, and if you find a stray and can foster him or her we can work with you to find a home for him/her.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Most cats will welcome the company of a new feline friend. Cats can be territorial so this may not happen right away but ultimately your kitty will most likely be happy to have a new friend to keep him company when you aren’t around. The trick to successfully integrating a new cat is to do it the right way. A Cat’s tale volunteers have many tips and tricks so that introducing your new cat to your current cat will go smoothly for both. It is also important to pick a cat with a personality to complement your current cat. Stop by our adoptions or contact us to learn more about how to successfully add a new kitty to your life.

Most rescues will strongly encourage you to adopt kittens in pairs, in fact some rescues will only adopt kittens in pairs. You may believe they are just trying to get more kittens adopted- but in fact this advice is sound and comes from years of experience. Kittens are extremely playful, and they tend to play rough. Without a buddy to play cat games with them they may try to make you their feline companion which can result in biting and scratching- remember this is normal play among kittens! When a kitten is bored he will find something to entertain himself- he may climb drapes, knock things over, scratch furniture etc. With a playmate these destructive behaviors are far less common. If you already have an older cat the kitten may drive him or her crazy trying to engage him in play- two kittens will occupy each other and not drive the family feline totally bonkers. Many people believe two kittens will be more work but the reality is because they entertain each other they tend to be less work- and twice the fun! Although we always try to encourage people to adopt two kittens, not one some only feel ready for one- however nine times out of ten these adoptors return a few months later looking for a buddy for their rambunctious family member. To learn more please feel free to contact us.

A Cat’s tale is a small non-profit. We do not receive funding from the city, state or county, like the city and county shelters do. Each cat or kitten we take in needs to be spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested for FeLV and FIV, vaccinated, and treated for fleas. Many need additional medical care and all the kitties need food and litter. The money to pay for our medical bills and routine care comes from our adoption fees, donations, and if we are lucky a few small grants. Our adoption fees in general only partially cover the costs related to keeping the cats cared for until they are adopted. We are a no-kill rescue. Once a cat comes to A Cat’s Tale he/she will stay with us forever. We even have a few special needs cats who will live the rest of their lives with us- Running a no-kill rescue is rewarding but it is also expensive. Your generous donations and adoption fees are helping us work towards a no-kill Los Angeles.


For more information contact us at contact@acatstale.org